Hi, I’m Monica Mignone and I am the face behind Mignone (pronounced min-yo-ni) Cakes.

After a stint on Masterchef Australia (where I made some questionable gravy but some great panna cotta), I realised there was nothing stopping me chasing my cake dreams even if I didn’t win. Post elimination, I spent a couple of weeks licking my wounds and ordering Uber Eats every night while feeling ever so sorry for myself. Once I was done with that, I got back in the kitchen and taught myself how to make the best cakes possible. I spent some time doing work experience in the kitchens of some amazing restaurants and bakeries, more time in the kitchens of my mum and grandmother, and a lot of time watching Youtube and experimenting in my own kitchen.

There have been some epic fails- collapsed multi-tiered cakes, cakes dropped on the floor as they were being delivered, melted frosting on hot days, and things that just tasted like rubbish. But I love learning and I love the process of creating. Seeing the smiles on your faces when you see your custom made cakes is worth every early morning, late night, ruined buttercream and oven burn.


Mignone Cakes is a small business created and owned by me, and supported by my family. We’re Italian, so we know how important a beautiful cake is for your special occasions. We also know you can’t make a good cake that everyone will love with cheap ingredients. Unlike the big chains, nothing we make is mass produced. Everything is made to order, by hand and from scratch, just for you. I pride myself on making high quality products at reasonable prices, because everyone should be able to have their cake and eat it too.

Whether it’s a wedding cake for 300 guests, a tray of brownies for your best friend, or a box of cookies for the end of a long week, I’ve got you covered!

Monica x