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Hi, I’m Monica Mignone and I am the face behind Mignone (pronounced min-yo-ni) Cakes.

After a stint on Masterchef Australia in 2019 (where I made some questionable gravy but some great panna cotta), I realised there was nothing stopping me from chasing my cake dreams even if I didn’t win. Post elimination, I got back in the kitchen and taught myself how to make the best cakes possible.

What started as a small custom cake business in my tiny home kitchen in Melbourne has now become a cosy little cake shop in Kyneton. Mignone Cakes is a little shop run by me and supported by my husband (known by many as Mr Mignone Cakes) and wonderful Italian family. During the day, it is a space where you can come by to purchase cake by the slice, cupcakes and cookies, and by the afternoon, it is a space I use to bake and decorate my custom wedding and event cakes. Unlike big chains, nothing here is mass produced. Everything is made by hand and from scratch.

Mignone Cakes is a retro style, small batch bakery with a modern twist. Whether it's a wedding cake for 200 guests, a box of cupcakes for your best friend or a cookie for the end of a long week, I've got you covered!

Let them eat cake!

Monica x

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